Date:August 16, 2012


Most telehealth, telepresence, and telemedicine solutions lack security, immediacy or mobility. Industrial, medical, and health systems have been without a solution, until now…

• Security = Dual authenticated encrypted JEMS™ video session
• Immediacy = It takes seconds to establish a live real-time JEMS Consult™
• Mobility = JEMS Consult™ on your smartphone

JEMS™ also integrates easily. Just point the JEMS™ system camera at whatever you want to send, such as a person, MRI, EKG, CT Scan, X-Ray, etc. or select 1 of the 4 possible directly integrated video feeds to send to the remote specialist. There is no time consuming download of files, and the image is available in the JEMS Consult™ immediately.